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My name is Rikke Toft Nørgård

I am employed Assistant professor, PhD

26.10.2015 | Maja Maria Nielsen

What is your job about?
My field of research lies within ‘futuremaking through design thinking and new technologies in education,’ innovative educational potentials with new technologies and media, and development of the concept of ‘educational design thinking’ (merging educational philosophy, empathic design thinking and practices with new technologies).

Currently, this interest is directed at developing the following areas/projects:

  • Futuremaking.space / FUSE  (New technologies, design thinking, future online/ofline educational spaces, and innovative teaching and learning at the university)
  • Coding Pirates  (New technologies, design thinking, and innovative teaching and learning for children and young people (7-17 years)
  • Educational Design Thinking (value-based vision-driven design of innovative educational formats, activities and tools through new technologies, educational design thinking and participatory academic communities)
  • Interaction and experience design in digital games and educational technologies (relations between corporeal and digital interaction, learning and experience within digital gaming, learning and interaction settings. Particularly, the playful and learnful interactions that emerges when humans engages with digital (game)design)

All focusing on the educational potentials of new technologies, future teaching and learning, and innovative educational tools, activities and spaces.

What are you busy on doing right now related to your job?
On a 3 month research stay to explore my research interest in collaboration with:

  • Center for Higher Education Studies, Institute of Education, UCL (collaborating around the future university, connected curriculum, ipsative assesment and participatory academic communities)
  • London Knowledge Lab, Institute of Education, UCL (collaborating around innovative technologies, online activities, moocs and educational design thinking)
  • Center for Global Higher Education, Institute of Education, UCL (collaborating around the placeful university in a global world, the university beyond the campus and academic citizenship)
  • Cognitive Robotics Lab, Oxford Brookes (collaborating around pedagogy & robots, robot-philosophy, coding pirates, robot(ic)s in university teaching)

What do your colleagues not know about you?
Nothing, or else: just ask!

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